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Finder keeps jumping around the window

When you try and uncollapse a folder, finder should stay focused on the folder that you uncollapsed. Instead it keeps jumping around the window.

This appears to be a bug in the Finder's display update algorithm. If you have your list view sorted by any property whose display might vary (e.g., if you enable View/Options/Calculate Sizes and your view is sorted by Size, or if you enable View/Options/Use Relative Dates and your view is sorted by Date), the Finder seems to (incorrectly) cache the selected entry, and when it updates the display because one of the variable attributes changes, it resets the selection.

If you turn off those view options, it will stop the jumping.

If you need those options, this workaround is working too:

  1. Sort the view by Name
  2. Select anything other than the currently selected entry
  3. Now sort the view by whatever you want

This little dance seems to clear the finder's cached (incorrect) record of what is selected. If you now move the selection around, the jumping behavior is gone.

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