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Keyboard layout indicator

Install xxkb, then create ~/.xxkbrc:

XXkb.mainwindow.enable: yes
XXkb.mainwindow.appicon: yes
XXkb.mainwindow.type: tray
XXkb.mainwindow.in_tray: true
XXkb.mainwindow.geometry: 16x16-0-0
XXkb.mainwindow.label.font: -misc-*-r-*-10-*
XXkb.mainwindow.label.enable: yes
XXkb.mainwindow.label.text.1: US
XXkb.mainwindow.label.text.2: SK
XXkb.mainwindow.label.background: black
XXkb.mainwindow.label.foreground: grey
XXkb.button.enable: no

Now arrange xxkb to start automatically with windowmanager, for example put xxkb & to the corresponding section of fluxbox startup script (~/.fluxbox/startup)

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